Perception – The Absolute Bedrock

Perception is the absolute bedrock of how we engage and interact with our world.  It is the foundation on which we use all of our senses and our three types of ‘brains’ to build our view of the world around us, our unique reality.

This is where I start working with individuals and organizations to help them:

  • understand the lenses and prisms they currently use to perceive their individual world or organization
  • learn how to challenge their current perceptions
  • learn how to perceive and think in new and different ways

Purpose – The Driving Force

Our purpose is the fundamental reason we have for making meaning in our lives.  Our purpose:

  • pulls us forward into a rewarding, productive future.
  • helps us through the challenging peaks and valleys of our lives.
  • inspires us to make a difference in the lives of the people we interact with.
  • engages us with our world in a meaningful and rewarding way.

Every individual and every organization has a purpose.  One of life’s challenges is identifying and honing in on that purpose.  I engage with individuals and organizations to do just that!

Execution – The Transition Tunnel

Execution is about successfully getting ‘from here to there’ while enjoying the journey.  I call it the Transition Tunnel, the less tangible psychological, behavioral, and emotional processes that occur below the surface of physical change.  The light at the end of tunnel is the guiding light that draws an individual or organization into the future like a powerful magnet.  However, execution is the most difficult, and the most often dropped, part of the transition process – think ‘too busy being busy,’ ‘procrastination,’ or ‘excuses not reasons.’  This is the part where I engage with my clients over a period of time to guide them and ensure that they successfully  get ‘from here to there.’  Execution is the part that “makes change stick!”