FREE Potential Cost of Low Employee Engagement Calculator. 

Most employers know that an engaged workforce is more likely to be a more productive one.  But less acknowledge is the link between engagement and the health and well being of staff.  This calculator contains contains a series of five calculations related to the various ways that low employee engagement and poor mental wellness can impact productivity and profitability at your company.  Get your FREE copy of the Potential Cost of Low Employee Engagement Calculator. 

FREE Scarcity vs Abundance Mentality Scale

One of the most overriding fears that affect many businesses is a fear called the scarcity mentality.  “There won’t be enough business.”  “We can’t afford to buy parts.”  “What if my best employee leaves?”  “What if a new competitor opens up?”  Scarcity is characterized by a perception of apparently limited resources that are insufficient to meet the needs of all businesses.

On the other hand, Abundance is about situations where there are more than enough resources for everyone.  Collaboration, not competition, creates abundance.

Get your FREE Scarcity vs. Abundance Mentality Scale now to determine your type of thinking in this area.

FREE Employee Engagement Survey

One of the first steps to take is to conduct a survey of all staff to determine their level of engagement at work.  High employee engagement depends how well your organization meets the four core psychological needs of all human beings.  How well is your organization meeting these needs?

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